Why I Blog

Funny you ask…..

My childrens stories written in elementary and middle school won me honors;

my stories were read on stage, and my childish illustrations were projected on the big screen.

And you know what I remembered most?

People laughed.

Not at me, but with me!

I could entertain.

I tried my hand at performance art-

taking the role of the black cat in the school play.

I crawled across the stage, uttering kitty lingo;

it wasn’t my “thing”.

I wasn’t popular in high school.

I didn’t have a group of friends, but I hung out mostly with one good friend.

Who had a boyfriend.

This meant that while she was with her boyfriend,

I was home.

Watching The Love Boat.

And then Fantasy Island.

And like many young girls of that era,

I dreamed of becoming Julie McCoy,

and docking at different ports every night.

And having a fling with a tall, dark and handsome passenger, looking for love.

After all, it was the Love Boat!

(oops! a small digression!)

Before going to bed on those wonderful Saturday nights,

I would write.

I wrote letters to my mom and dad who were out on “date night”.

And although I have no idea what I wrote about,

I do remember this:

My mom would read them aloud to my dad,

and they would laugh.

And I would lay in bed,

pretending to be asleep,

waiting to hear their laughter.

Flash forward to college.

My writing sample allowed me to skip Freshman Composition. (Woo!Hoo!)

I was a fashion major.

I wanted to become a buyer for a store like Alberts, or 5-7-9.

I wanted to create window displays with the beautiful clothes that I would select to be worn by the masses!

But then I had an epiphany;

What company would hire a fashion buyer who graduated from a small- town college?

And so I switched my major to accounting.

After all,

accounting and fashion are two very closely related fields-


And then in my first semester, the head of the english department pulled me into her office and said:

“Why are you not a journalism major?”


Because how am I going to be able to make a living doing something that comes easy to me and that I enjoy?

Being successful takes hard work!”

And so I stayed an accounting major.

I worked in a bank.

a clothing store.

a dentist office.

I owned my own accessories business.

I taught preschool.

I worked as a substitute teacher.

And though I liked all of these jobs,

If you ask me what I really, really like to do,

It is write.

And as I looked back over my life,

(because that is what you do when 50 is approaching),

the reoccurring theme,

which shows what I am truly passionate about,

is writing.

And therefore, I am going to try my hand

at blogging.


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