I think that most moms will agree, that if we don’t  want to be disappointed on Mothers Day, we should not leave it to chance.

We must email our spouse or our children a link to the website where they can purchase us the ideal gift. If we want to go a step further to ensure that they get it right,  we can put the actual item- size and color selected, into the online shopping cart. The other option is to make our own plans to spend the day the way WE want to enjoy it.

I am sure that this is not how the holiday was intended to be. We all remember seeing Hallmark commercials which showed a mom being served a beautiful breakfast in bed by her adoring children. What you did not see was the tornado  that swept through the kitchen in order to prepare that wonderful breakfast (which to be perfectly honest,  probably wasn’t so wonderful!)

You see, what I have ALWAYS wanted for mothers day has been

to not be a mom for a day.

There- I said it.

You can pick your jaws up off the floor. You can say that this makes me a bad mom, but I do believe that even though some of you may not be comfortable uttering those words out loud,  you have certainly fantasized about it.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t love my kids, or that I hate being a mom. As a matter of fact, I think it is the best gig in the world! I just think moms deserve time away from their 24/7 “job”.

Being able to forget about the responsibility that comes along with the job title for a day is delightful, and to step away for a few days is utterly indulgent!

Now I  must confess, I have  been  indulging  for quite some time now, and as the kids have grown older, the scale of my plans have become increasingly grand. What  began  as a morning at the flea market with friends, has  morphed  into me leaving town  for several days.

Tomorrow morning I will board a plane  for the exotic locale of Detroit Michigan, where I will spend four days not being a mom, but being a daughter.

Do I feel guilty that I am not home to allow my kids to lavish me with gifts and culinary delights?

Hell no.

For the past five years I have been high tailing it out of Dodge in order to find more peaceful pastures. Contrary to what you may envision, I am not getting a mani/pedi and watching Net Flix marathons. One day  is spent shopping with my mom, and two days helping my parents with yard work. It is heavenly to be able to give your undivided attention to work that you enjoy. There is no laundry waiting to be washed, dogs to be walked and fed, or children asking when and what is for lunch. The pace is leisurely, and most importantly, it is quality time spent with my parents.

I am sure the day will come,

when I want nothing more than to have my kids home with me for Mothers Day; but I am not there yet. I am fortunate to have both of my parents still here with me,  and there is nothing I enjoy more than giving my mom what she wants for her special day-

time with her daughter.