Oh how I wish Sunday was a day of rest!

But it isn’t. Yet I do look forward to it because of it’s routine nature. There is something calming in knowing what the day will bring. It usually begins with a walk with a friend, coffee and news with KB, and then the Sunday Chores.

If it wasn’t for my Sunday routine, my week would be chaotic. My routine has, been my routine for several years now, and it works great for me.

Which is not to say that it will necessarily work well for you! If you have a system that helps you get ready for the week- good for you! I don’t believe in fixin’ something that aint broken!

Seeing that I am a list person, I have a task sheet that is printed up for me and the birds. Koi Boy does his own thing (whatever that is!)

My list entails the following:

  1. Go through all of the mail, catalogs and fliers that have accumulated in my drawer. Monday through Saturday, as the mail comes in and papers are brought home from school, I quickly look at them to see if they must be attended to immediately. If not, they get thrown into a drawer, with the knowledge that on Sunday I will look them over.
  2. Clean out refrigerator of leftovers and spills
  3. Clean out purse and wallets of receipts.
  4. Clean the junk out of the car- if time allows, vacuum.
  5. Write a family calendar for the week, which is posted by the back door. Call me old school, but it is more likely to be remembered if I have written down important dates and times by hand. I love this colorful template which you can download from a wonderful blog, The Scattered Squirrel.
  6. Once the week is layed out, I plan out my dinners for the week. If we will be running in twenty directions as we often do, dinner may need to be prepared the night before. If we will all be home, I will make a sit down meal. From the meal plan, I am able to make a master grocery list. Throughout the week, as I notice staple items that need to be replaced, I jot them down on a sticky note. These items, along with what will be needed for lunches and dinners are added to this master grocery list. I have used this template for many years! Nothing fancy, but it lists just about everything (good for jogging the ole memory!), and categorizes it in such a way that it will work no matter what store you are in! Monday is my preferred day for grocery shopping. The stores are empty, and it frees up my Sunday afternoon for quality family time.

So what are the birds responsible for?

Before I let you in on that, let me give you a little background first;

I was sick and tired of constantly nagging them to clean their room. We live by example- our bedroom is always almost always tidy, and our house picked up. The birds have acknowledged that a tidy room makes for a calmed mood. They get it- but they don’t really- or they are lazy- or it is a combination of both! Either way, KB and I came to a compromise that the birds would have to clean their rooms, to our satisfaction, once a week. I would like to say that they pick up as they go-

but they don’t. And with that being said,

here is their to do list:

  1. Empty trash
  2. Fill toilet paper and paper towel
  3. Strip bed
  4. Make bed
  5. Sort dirty laundry
  6. Put away clean laundry
  7. Pick up bedroom
  8. Sweep bedroom floor
  9. Make a personal schedule for the week
  10. Empty lunchbox
  11. Put gym clothes in laundry and pack clean ones
  12. Empty backpack and clean cubby

All tasks must be completed by 4 pm. If not- there is a price to be paid (this is where knowing each child’s currency comes in to play!)

So there you have it- the dirty little secret of what goes on behind our closed doors on any given Sunday.

No matter how bad last week was, it can all be put behind us as we move on to a new week.

Do share any tips you may have for getting a great start to the week; there is always room in the nest for improvement!