My Story

My role as a parent and wife has been fulfilling. As my birds have begun to leave the nest, the little voice in the back of my head says “what next?”

sherry-pooleyI am pulled in two directions.

One part of me knows that I am still needed at home; the nest needs feathering, and I am at my best as a mom when I am home and present for my “chicks”. The other part of me wants to explore what I could be if I followed my dreams and passion; My desire to be a writer.

This journey will have me sharing my thoughts and experiences of parenting four very unique individuals.

I will be required to go outside of my comfort zone;

To become well versed with technology and social media,

and expose my inner most thoughts and emotions.

I will embark on finally making my house a home,

and reorganizing from top to bottom for the one- hundredth time!

I will share the recipes that my loved ones enjoy,

and my innermost thoughts that I am sure I am not unique in having.

Join me as I share my journey, and find my voice.

Question your own thoughts and beliefs, as I share with you mine.

Discover what awaits YOU,

Beyond your nest!

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