When I think of being flexible, I think in terms of my body.

One of my greatest fears in growing old is that I will lose flexibility. I have seen the elderly who are unable to tie their own shoes, or pick something up off of the floor; Their body will not yield to the change in direction.

In an effort to slow the sands of time, I exercise and stretch daily. My alarm goes off at five so that I will have time to take part in my daily routine which consists of weights and yoga. Do I enjoy it?

Not really.

But I continue to do it so that I am able to do the things I love to do!

I love to take my outdoor yoga class on Saturday morning!

I love to go on bike rides and hikes with the birds!

I enjoy walking with Koi Boy or a girlfriend!

I love to be active,

and if I need to stay in shape in order to continue doing these things,

then damn it- I will continue to rise early and work on my flexibility and strength if that is what is required.

But what about flexibility of the mind?

I am a die hard, live by the schedule, stick to the routine, kinda girl. What happens when what is required of me is flexibility, or the ability to adapt to change?

I do what I have to do.

I may not be a fan of it; I might not do it with a smile on my face, (at least not in the beginning), but sometimes we have no choice.

Two weeks ago, Koi Boy was competing in an Iron Man walking out to the garage and fell. We are not exactly  sure how it happened, but he tore his quad muscle. Excruciating when it happened, and then the pain wore off- until after the surgery; Then the 8 weeks of being immobile begins.

It was his right leg, and where as it is possible to drive with your left foot, it is not possible to fit your right leg next to the gas pedal when it is in a brace keeping it fully extended.

Insert me- part Uber driver (to and from work, physical therapy…), part maid, part personal assistant-

and oh,  let us not forget all of the other jobs a mom is responsible for, in addition to all of the jobs Koi Boy does around the house.

Yes, this is one of those times when we are very thankful that we decided to have little helpers children- but as anyone knows, there interest in being helpful wains rather quickly.

Do I feel sorry for myself? I did-

I gave myself three days to have a pity party, and then I got my big girl panties on and began to deal with it.

Do I feel sorry for Koi Boy?

Absolutely. I am sure it kills him to be dependent on me, and I am sure it kills him to be sitting around; Eight weeks is a long time to sit!

This little bump in the road will challenge both of us. For Koi Boy the test will be of his patience- the road to recovery is very long.

For me, it will be a test of my ability to be flexible. For the next seven weeks my schedule will be dictated by his schedule. The routines and rythms of life that I so enjoy will be different. I may not be able to get a blog post written each week as I have faithfully done for the last year. Will the world come to an end?

Probably not.

It is more likely that I will feel as if I have failed myself for not keeping to my weekly goal.

But this is the true essence of life!

Being able to roll with the punches and deal with what we are given.

One of our greatest gifts is flexibility; of both the body and of the soul.

Neither comes easy,

but both make life easier.